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Welding & Cutting Torch Technology

Innovation and Technology run through our veins

  • 1980-1985

    A start

    A three man team start off servicing welding equipment and torches for end users in the United Kingdom.
    A niche opportunity is identified to import and supply replacement welding torches.
    Further global supply partners are identified, an initial range conceived and a torch wholesaling business started.
    Company relocated to larger premises to facilitate expansion.



    Recruitment of product development engineers and marketing personnel to create and develop brand vision.
    Acquisition of a volume nonferrous turned parts business.
    Commenced export orientated sales and marketing initiatives.
    Designed and constructed a purpose made factory and consolidated 2 production facilities.
    Significant investments in high tech production equipment and “unmanned” manufacturing systems.


    Low Cost Advantage

    Targeted the People’s Republic of China as a strategic manufacturing base and commenced key vendor sourcing strategy.
    Opened outsourcing office and established a green field turned parts production unit.
    Commenced full scale torch production and integrated into global supply chain.


    Manufacturing Units

    Opened chemical engineering production unit for Silicon glass components.
    Initiated Joint venture in mould tooling and plastic parts.
    Expanded PRC based product development capabilities.
    Targeted global OEM Torch and equipment producers and commenced strategic manufacturing and supply partnerships.
    Group production units attain ISO9001:2008
  • 2010-2015

    A Fresh Approach

    Introduced new process technologies to facilitate development of digital, Push-Pull, plasma and robotic platforms. Attained accolade of “high-tech” business classification.Introduced new Parker Torchology brand and product range.Established European territory brand support footprint.
    2013 Product Introductions
    Plasma cutting torches
    Push-Pull Mig/Mag torches
    Dual flow Water-Cooled
    Mig/Mag torches
    Logi-Mig and Digi-Mig Digital control torches
    2014 Product Introductions
    Lightweight Mig/Mag
    USA Hybrid Mig/Mag
    HYP Plasma
    2015 Product Introductions
    Logi-Mig/Digi-Mig control Push-Pull torches
    Spool On Mig
    Cold/Hot wire Tig
    2016 Product Pipeline
    Robotic Mig/Mag
    Arc Mig/Mag
    Arc Distance Mig/Mag
    Arc Tig

    2015 Onward

    Here We Go Again

    Strategies established and work underway for a new generation of unique and “ best in class “ range core products.Investments “ on plan “ for emerging technologies and automotive sectors.
    Business and product strategies being aligned for regionalization across Europe, North/South America and Asia.